Henryk Fukś

Dept. of Mathematics
Brock University
St. Catharines, ON
Canada L2S 3A1
tel. (905) 688-5550, Ext. 3296
hfuks (AT) brocku.ca

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    My current research interests can be summarized as theory and applications of spatially-extended discrete dynamical systems. I am interested in mathematical modeling of physical, biological, and social systems using cellular automata (CA), lattice gas automata (LGA), and agent-based systems. These areas could be categorized as follows:

    • Theory:
      • Additive invariants in CA
      • Phase transitions in CA
      • Computation in CA
      • Generalization of CA
    • Modeling:
      • Growth of complex networks
      • Models of language acquisition
      • Models of vocabularies of human languages
    • Software:
      • Algorithms for CA simulations
      • Algorithms for analysis of complex networks
    CA image
    In addition to the above, in the past I published on many other subjects, including models of vehicular traffic, models of spatial spread of infectious diseases, and models of data networks. If you are interested in pursuing M. Sc. degree in Mathematics and have interest in any of the above topics, please do not hesitate to contact me,

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