To Start a Test:

  • (If a security warning comes up, click "Yes")
  • Activate the terminal window to the right by a left mouse click.
  • To start: type:
    , and press enter.
  • All input is entered by pressing Enter>
  • Enter your name as a string (in doublequotes), e.g. "Mike".
  • Enter your student ID, also as a string, e.g. "2070779".
  • Choose a test, also as a string, e.g. "2P08-1" .


    • When you type a mathematical expression as your answer, use * for multiplication, ** for exponentiation, / for division and parentheses where appropriate. An answer is typed in form of a sequence of letters, digits and symbols.
      Example: To input
           1  2
           - x
      followed by ENTER. If your input is longer than one line then just continue typing and press the ENTER key only at the end when you want to submit the answer.
    • Some operations have a higher priority than others. For example, typing 3+x * 4+y would be interpreted as 3+(x*4)+y because * is applied before + even though the + appeared before * in the formula. Highest priority has the - sign in front of a number or in front of a variable name followed by **, then * and /, then +. As * and / have the same priority, whichever comes first (on the left) is executed first. For example, 1/x*y will be interpreted as (1/x)*y = y/x and NOT as 1/(x*y). Hint: If one is not sure it is always safest to type all brackets.
    • Your submitted answer will be displayed in a more graphical setting (e.g. with raised exponents) and you are asked for confirmation. Pressing y and ENTER confirms your input, any other input will mean that you do not confirm and you are asked to re-submit an answer.
    • For special functions use the following names, just like in other languages: SIN, COS, TAN, SINH, COSH, TANH and SQRT for the square root. The logarithm to basis e is called LOG.
    • Lists are enclosed in {}. For example, the list of numbers 1,2,3 would be {1,2,3} .
    • Some questions need pencil and paper to solve the problem first before typing in the answer.
    • For some questions only the value of the solution matters and not its form. Such expressions can be input in any form, for example, 1/x or x**(-1) or x/x**2. For other questions the form of the input matters. For example, if x/x**2 shall be simplified then x/x**2 is not good enough as an answer which should be given in the form 1/x or x**(-1).

    If you want to be sent an email with a transcript of the test then enter your email address enclosed in " " else enter "no". Afterwards you can close the browser window or click the refresh button to re-do a test.