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  1. Wolf, T., Mastering Ladders, Richmond, VA: Slate & Shell, 106 pages, 2008, ISBN 1-932001-40-9

    "Mastering Ladders" is a book written by Thomas Wolf, edited by Willian Cobb and published by Slate & Shell 2008. The first part of 32 pages includes the theory about ladders and practical hints towards solving ladder problems. In numerous examples of top professional games it is shown that ladders can not only be crucial but also difficult to compute and that sometimes starting a ladder that can not be won is a key to win a game. In part two of the book 72 ladder problems from very easy to extreme hard are given with solutions and an index allowing the reader to pick a ladder problem from different types. The book comes with a CD including 256,000 computer generated ladder problems of all difficulty levels, several hundred hand-picked ladder problems and over a hundred professional games from the GoGoD CD where ladders played a crucial role.
    Known are two errors that were entered in the editing process which are corrected here.

  2. T. Wolf, Y. Seo: Unseen hard Life & Death Problems, book manuscript, 203 pages (2011). pdf file
  3. This book as well as the one below were written when Yutae Seo (Korean 7 Dan, playing for several years in the first class insei league in Korea, and winner of two national and two international tournaments) visited T. Wolf from Sep. 2010 to Feb. 2011. From about 10,000 computer generated problems the 200 hardest and most interesting were selected. The collection of hard problems is for 7-9 Dan players, the collection of moderate problems is for 6-8 Dan players. If you are interested, send an email to twolf{at}brocku.ca.

  4. T. Wolf, Y. Seo: Unseen moderate Life & Death Problems, book manuscript, 203 pages (2011). pdf file