- Extra Problems 

A computer-generated collection of 40,000 life/death problems can be obtained for research in computer learning methods and/or computer go, for free. An additional text file explains the format of storage used. However the ownership of the database is reserved by the author.

Not all the problems have been generated with the latest version of the program, therefore no guarantee can be given about their correctness, though they will be recalculated from time to time.

The problems are not sorted, and repetitions of similar problems may occur. A sorted collection of problems, with repetitions deleted, is distributed together with the program GoTools itself.

The name of each problem is unique, describing the file and problem itself uniquely. This name should be used in references to them.

To download the database, or parts of it, please go here.

By downloading any part of this database, you agree to the following:

I, the undersigned agree to the following conditions in order to obtain use of Thomas Wolf's tsume-go/ladder problem database.
  1. I will not give this database, in whole or in part, to anyone without the express written agreement of Thomas Wolf.
  2. Any work which uses this database, in whole or in part, must acknowledge the source.
  3. The problems will not be published or transmitted, in whole or in part. A limited number, say 10, may be be used in an illustrative manner in a scholarly paper or similar work.